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Ok title doesn’t do it justice!These more than work! I went on a 21 mile hike over a couple days and poles were going to be necessary. I didn’t want to spend $$$+ so I settled on these.They were a little heavier than I was hopingThe different feet(attachments) were great except I only used the ones that came attached already. After mile 15 they started to wear down really good. After the end of the hike both the metal ends wore through the rubber feet. I didn’t bring the ball feet so I had to hike gingerly for a few miles.The grips started to flake off a little but this was very strenuous use. And I wouldn’t expect these to last not a lifetime so please don’t expect these to last more than three or four years of general hiking or a year of hard hiking.I plan on buying more feet attachments for them to help them last a lot longer.Now for the good. They are durable! Oh my I can’t count the times I accidentally put most of my body weight on them and they handled it just fine.The twist locks worked great and didn’t get stuck. I adjusted them going up and down and not once did they seize up.They are cheap! I could have bought 3 of these for the price of the one set of the spendy ones.They compact down pretty good.Hope this helps you all.

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I just got this stool, but I always forget to write reviews, so I figured I’d go ahead and review it as far as I can thus far. I really like the look of this stool. It looks more expensive than I the actual cost. The stool I recieved DID have a defect in the seat portion; it looks like a section of the wood was gouged somehow, and it was painted over rather than being sanded down. It does not affect the function of the stool, however, and I did not notice it until I ran my hand over the top.The assembly was a breeze. It took me less than 15 minutes to fully assemble, with only an over-excited 5 year old to help, plus an autistic 3 year old, angry 2 year old, and pesky 7 month old to make assembly more interesting. The directions were easy to understand, and it required no tools other than the allen wrench that came with the product. I do recommend using some carpenter’s glue to secure the screw covers, as mine simply will not stay in the holes. That’s my only complaint about the assembly.Once assembled, everyone tried it out, and the verdict(s) is(are):5yo: It kinda hurts to climb up on with bare feet.3yo: I like being so high up in da sky.2yo: I need help, Mama!Me: It appears sturdy, with no apparent wobble or creakiness.Husband: It’s fine. I don’t know why you thought we needed a stool.Which brings me to my final point, the weight limit. My husband is not overweight, but at just over 6 feet tall, comes to close to the weight limit for his comfort. I don’t see it listed in the product description, but a label on the underside of the stool’s seat warns that it can only hold 220 lbs. Not an issue for me, but I imagine there are plenty of people who might consider ordering this stool for whom that would be a deterrent.To sum it up, for a good price, you’re getting a nice looking stool that is easy to assemble, might need some wood glue, and holds a smaller amount of weight than I had expected (though to be honest, I’m not really a stool-weight-limit expert, so this might be a very appropriate limit.)

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