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This Casio World Time Illuminator offers a lightweight, multifeature and inexpensive device that’s great for travel.Planning a trip to Europe including Dublin, Rome, and various countrysides. I want a watch that gives me the different times including home, is easy on my small wrist, lights up, has a stopwatch a/o timer, and I’m not afraid to lose it, i.e., not expensive. After much research, this one fits the bill.It features a tiny world map(best seen in a bright light) which shadows out chosen time zone. One can program in four city zones or cities. I chose Denver, home base, Chicago, a transfer point, London, for Dublin, and Rome. Chose daylight savings time for each zone and also 12 or 24 hour clock. No matter what time one displays, a small circular clock with seconds shows home base always.One can chose from 5 different alarms, a timer, and a stopwatch. I find timers helpful for running or hiking. Or when playing a game or entertaining the kids on the plane. It shows that the alarm is on and of course, the date.There are 4 buttons on the side of the piece to do all this, and, in general, I hate reading through the instructions manuals for elecronics(a fact of life in this age), but I found this one fairly easy, and once I did it, I remembered it.The watch is all plastic expect for the thin back. It states water resistant to 100 meters. I haven’t tested it- definitely don’t push the buttons if under water!Ok, the cons: the light isn’t that bright, one can adjust it to stay on up to 3 seconds, but it’ll use your battery up quicker with lots of use; the world map is tiny; the alarm sounds quietly; it’s plastic. One reviewer said it looks cheap. I’m not buying it to be a jetsetter and to impress someone; however, I like the look of it- very sporty and travelish. I barely notice it on my wrist, and by golly, I won’t be crushed if it gets crushed or scratched or pickpocketed on a Roman bus. I’ll just buy another.

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We all want to keep cool in the summer and to do that most women want to wear a swimwear bikini however not everyone is physically capable of wearing either a tiny bikini  or small bikini. Sure you probably could wear these bikinis but should you ? Take a hard look at your body and ask yourself whether this is the right thing to do, not only for yourself but the people around you. There will be individuals who will say “I don’t care what other people think” but they do care but are too lazy to stop stuffing their faces to actually do something about their obesity. If you really want to wear these bikinis during the summertime you should make an honest effort to properly fit into the bikini.


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I have been looking at this swimsuit for a couple of years now thru the Woman Within site and just couldn’t convince myself to pay $80 for it. When I found it on this site  for a reduced cost, I decided it was fate! lol First I’ll tell you I’m generally a size 22, 5’8″, with a 46dd bust. I did order it in a size 24, based on a few other reviews. The bottoms fit great! The “briefs” are actually little “boy” cut briefs. I love them! In fact, I’m going to try buying a few prs of that style underwear because of them. The skirt seemed a couple of inches longer than I expected, compared to the pic. The top is actually a little too large in the bust. More info here! The elastic under the support cups is very loose. And to me it appeared the pic, which is kind of hard to see with the way the model is posing, showed a more modest rounded neckline, when in fact its a V-neck and cut very low for a lg bust. If I bend over, even just slightly, its pretty revealing. The purple accents are not as bright and light as pictured, either. They’re very dark. More deep plum. All that said, I love this suit and plan on making the minor alterations to give the bust more support and maybe sew an insert in the neckline for a less revealing view. :) More great swimsuits i have been looking at recently.

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