I saw her walking my way at the beach. She looked amazing, and I loved her wood sunglasses. I followed her back to her towel. Then I sat down next to her and introduced myself. I told her that she had the best shades I had ever seen. I asked her where she got them, and she told me. I was excited to say goodbye after that. I wanted to place my order fast. When I got them in the mail, I was excited.

tooling handbag has lots of zippered pockets that you can make use of. When I look for handbags, I check the number of pockets that are in there. Multiple pockets in handbags always get my interest and adoration. I think having multiple pockets bring you more quality and convenience on a day to day basis. I especially like the multiple secret pockets where I can store my cash, credit cards and other valuable items. I feel extra comfortable and at ease when I have a handbag with me that hides my valuable items in multiple locations. So far, I have seen this kind of quality among tooling handbag only.

So these are definitely not quality sweats or yoga pants, but they are warm and cozy. They are 50% cotton and 50% polyester (pre shrunk), and the inside of them is that of soft, fuzzy felt material. They are high/mid waisted, not low rise, but easily fold over and stay put. They have a draw string to help tighten the forgiving semi elastic waiste line. There loops for the draw string at just cut into the fabric, no metal rings or stoppers so I would suggest double knotting the string at the ends so it doesn’t get lost in the wash. I purchased these in white for a kundalini yoga practice, but I can tell these are the type of pants that keep you warm and cozy, but can be uncomfortable if you sweat bc they are not as absorbent or breathable as 100% cotton would be. While the pants seem heavy, they are a tad see thru, where u can see your underwear that are dark in color or have patterns, but not totally see thru where you can see your silhouette; they are forgiving in that aspect, which is appreciated for white pants. The stitching on one of the legs seems a little off, not straight down the middle. The pockets are generous enough, warm and seem to be streamlined with the pants (not sticking out or funny looking). I’m 5’1″, so they are a little long, but i expected as much. I think they would fit perfect on someone 5’4 or so but not much taller. Their in the wash now so I can’t comment on durability. I expect that they are the type to pill easily tho. All in all, for the price, warmth, pockets and comfort, I plan to but a few more in different colors to wear around the house this winter. I think they will be good for chilly morning yoga sessions, just not to be mistaken for a quality pair of workout pants. If I learn different, I will be sure to update this review. As of now, for $10, I have no complaints.

Many skateboarers love to dress the part and express themselves as a unique individual. It’s a way to form your own brand and style that people will recognize as your own and that they will remember. A great way to accessorize your skater ensamble is to grab a pair of the popular skateboard sunglasses being sold everywhere now. These glasses are really cool to look at and are above and beyond a normal pair of shades- they have genuine character and people love them!

Styles come and go but some styles are representative of (personally) your personality and how you view the world, so if you find a pair of skateboard sunglasses that is not just a fad but a perfect representation of your character then you found the lucky pair of glasses everyone is hoping they can find! They come in so many styles and even use recycled materials so our world is safe from more landfill torture! These glasses have some distinct features from wooden frames to cool effects.

First review: First of all, I bought 2 of these. We wanted matching desks for my husband and I in the living room. We paid around $89 each in January 2011. When first removing the parts, I thought we had a great desk, the wood is a little thicker than other desks made this way. I was a little disappointed by the plastic dowels that help hold the pieces together. Most manufacturers use wooden dowels. I was also disappointed with the plastic drawer slides on the drawer. These are 100% plastic with plastic tabs that you lightly hammer into the wood. Each piece (there are 4, 2 on the desk and 2 on the drawer) only has 1 screw to help hold it in place. You tap in these plastic pieces about 1/2 way though the construction, by the time I got to the very end to put the drawer into the desk, these had popped out about 1/2 way, so I had to grab the hammer and tap them back in in order to get the drawer into place. My biggest disappointment would be that nice shelf that runs along the back of the whole desk. This DOES NOT screw down at all. It has 4 of the above mentioned plastic dowels and basically sits right on top of the desk. There are very shallow holes on the top of the desk for the plastic dowels to sit into. You can very easily knock the entire thing off. This would explain why they don’t show the monitor on that shelf in the pictures…. I’m not sure why they designed it this way, there is ample room for them to install some cam locks and screws and attach it to the desk more securely. Also, be sure to check your pieces, one desk was missing 2 cam locks, the other was missing 3!As far as the instructions go, some pieces were not marked as other reviewers have said. Also, it does not tell you which way to have the finished edge facing, so you’re not putting things on backwards, when applicable. You need to pay attention to that. Otherwise, I didn’t feel that the instructions were hard to understand. I put together both desks while making dinner, took about 2 hours in all. I will be posting pictures soon with the above mentioned problems. You’ll be able to see then from the product page, where the manufacturer pictures are. Aside from the shelf not being attached to the desk more securely, I really like these desks. The color is great, mine came very well packaged, no damage at all.Follow up: April 2011. We’ve had these desks for a few months now and both hold up very well. We do have our monitors on the small shelf I mentioned above and it has not, as of yet, fallen down. We have both desks back to back, so there really is no way to accidentally hit the shelf and cause it to fall, like I feared would happen. All together a very nice little desk.Follow up February 2013: I’m actually looking at a South Shores dresser and remembered these desks are also South Shore. We’ve had them for over 2 years now, the finished has chipped off in some areas where the edge is, most noticablly where I store my computer tower , this is from pulling the tower in and out. For the $89 that we spent, you can’t expect perfection, and have to realize that these desks simply won’t last for forever like a nice sturdy all wood piece would. Some of the finish has worn off from using the mouse and not a mouse pad and part of the wood has cracked on the keyboard tray. Still every usable, but I imagine we will replace these in another year or so. As stated in my first review, we purchased two of these and my husbands is in much better shape, but he doesn’t use his as often as I do (I am a heavy computer user). Still a good little desk for the price, but keep in mind it will only last for a few years. I’m thinking twice about buying the South Shores dresser now, because I do not want to be spending $300 every few years for a new dresser!

I have purchased many sunglasses from the rack inside discount stores, that I got what I paid for. I wanted a nice sunshade for my eyes.I went on Amazon, Amazon’s sites at the bottom of the page, EBay and around the Net and decided on Ray-Ban. Their web site has many types of eye wear to choose from. I wanted a full coverage wrap around that was polarized. I narrowed it down to this type. I had read about sellers advertising Ray-Ban glasses as the authentic type, mostly on EBay. The seller would have pictures of the arms and id number displayed.I did find out the glasses come in a case, with a cleaning cloth and in a Ray-Ban sealed box. The logo is inscribed on the right lens in white and each arm, states made in Italy along with the RB4068 601/58. During my search I found a wide array of prices. The polarized brand is a little more. I ended up buying from the Amazon Marketplace.Yes, it is a nice wrap around. I am average sized 5′ 5″. Mostly sunglasses would fall down my nose or be too tight and I would sweat around the nosepiece. Inside the glasses is a curved out groove on the nose piece. The arms are thick, the hinges are covered. For me, I don’t feel they are too heavy, but I have read reviews that said this. The lens itself being wrapped is not large, just the right size.I do not have that blinding sun glare. I so dreaded that glare as I drive home from work facing the sun. I can look and drive more safely. If you decide on Polarized, make sure on selection, as I saw the P on the Ray-Ban web site and the /58 is the Polarized brand. There is a RB 4068 that is not polarized that does not have the /58.Polarized Lenses RB4068Color Code: 601/58Glossy Black/Polarized Grey

I purchased this item along with the SUB COLD leggings following a winter camping expedition in Minnesota where I came to realize this particular time I was under-prepared given the temperature. I had been wearing normal long johns and limited layers. Along with other clothing upgrades I decided to give these a try based on the high review rating.Performance – Before using these in the field for a long period of time I decided to test them out at home. I opened the window to the outdoor ten degree weather and sat at my computer while seeing how long it would take me to feel uncomfortable. In regular long johns it was about 5 to 10 minutes, however while wearing only these I was quite comfortable for closer to 40 to 45 minutes. This effect is considerably amplified in conjunction with general winter layering. The performance is exquisite for remaining comfortable in very cold temperatures and wicks & dries moisture extremely effectively. For these purposes the SUB COLD line are by far the best base layers I’ve ever used for cold winter temperatures.Comfort – This base layer fits incredibly tight on the skin. At first it was so much so that I almost felt slightly claustrophobic. After a couple uses I began to actually prefer its fit as it feels very much like you have a second layer of skin which provides substantial protection from heat loss, especially due to moisture from sweat during high activity. Movement is quite easy & natural, after a while I forget I’m even wearing it. The comfort of fit will definitely depend on the wearer’s physique. It’s perfect for those who have an athletic to average build, but will likely be overly confining to anyone larger or considerably out of shape (possibly even so with a larger size). Despite loving the fit it does take a bit of effort to put on and take off compared to regular base layers, however this inconvenience is minuscule compared to its benefits in cold weather.Washing – I’ve washed this about ten times or so and have had no issues to the fabric or to the logo yet. I always do air dry however, which takes very little time with this fabric.I would definitely purchase this item again as well as recommend it to others.

I don’t usually leave reviews although I always read many before buying a product so I feel it’s time to give my two cents back.My old dryer just died and I couldn’t wait for shipping so I picked this dryer up at a local Walmart. This is a great product for the price! It’s lightweight which I love since I like to use the heat of the dryer and a round brush to style my hair.There are two sets of clickable buttons on the handle to include speed settings high, low, and off; temperature settings hot, warm, and cold; and then a cold shot button by itself. I had to get used to the different feel and position of the buttons since I was so used to my old dryer. The buttons felt awkward at first, but now I like that a can click through the settings without having to stop to see what I’m doing.Other features of this dryer that I like is that the cord is a decent length and there’s a removable door at the back so you can clean the lint trap.Aside from all the nifty features I’ve listed above, the most important thing to me was how fast it dried my hair. Soaking wet and it still dried my long, thick hair in half the time!! And my hair is frizz free and silky smooth. According to the box this is do to the ceramic coils and ionic technology the put into the product.If you need a blow dryer that’s super affordable, does the job, and has all the cool extras, get the Revlon RDVR5029 1875 Watt Smoothstay Ceramic Ionic Dryer.

We’ve used this on two camping trips now and it has definitely made our clean-up process go more smoothly. I didn’t have any problems with the sides collapsing, but I made a point of NOT pouring boiling (or close to boiling) water into it. Doing so would soften the plastic and I suspect make it more vulnerable to holes from utensils or other sharp edges while washing. The water I poured into it was heated over the fire pit, but only to a point where it was barely too hot to touch.Each ‘sink’ is about 10 inches wide/deep, so you won’t be able to fit large camping pans in here. However, the size is large enough to hold a handful of bowls/plates/cups while having utensils soaking at the bottom. Also, while I couldn’t wash our pans/pots in these sinks – it was still useful to have the hot, soapy water in a convenient place, as I was able to use a cup to pour some of it into the bigger cookware for soaking.Because of the smallish size, the soapy sink side will get grubby very fast if you try washing/soaking dishes that still have a lot of food or gunk on them. What we did was first rinse off our dishes with a scrub brush & cold lake/camp water, and then wash it in the hot/soapy water from there (basically like what you’d do before loading a dishwasher). The rinse side was a little less effective, as it seemed to collect too many bubbles after rinsing off a lot of dishes from the soapy side. We ended up doing one more rinse cycle from the pour spout of our cold water container, which worked great.If you do a lot of camping, I think this will come in handy for you. If not, it was only ten bucks and not that big of a loss. I removed a star because I still needed a 2nd rinse step after using the tubs, but I’m glad I made the purchase and would recommend it. It collapses & sets back up easily, so it’s easy to store & tote around.