I read all the reviews just like everyone else and just couldn’t decide. I had a 20% off clothing coupon code (and this set was included) so I pulled the trigger. The set came and was about as expected and described just as everyone else said. My first reaction; the biggest bag was a little small. It was smaller than the one I got rid of by a few inches. So this is may not be a real big, long trip luggage set but it worked just fine for our 7 day cruise for 1 of us. It is quality and has a lot of pockets and roomy, just not as big as I would have liked. The second biggest piece is actually a carry on size. And it is a very nice carry-on. Then there is the big duffle and smaller duffle and the toiletry, all nice. Don’t get too happy about containing 5 pieces, as 3 of them are just bags but they are still nice to have.My major complaint is the CHEAP handle. It feels like foil and is very flimsy. This set would have received 5 stars if it wasn’t for the cheap handle. I would not even use it for fear of breaking. I just can’t understand that when they made this and put the samsonite name on it, someone thought this handle was the same quality as the rest of the luggage.I just wish this set had a 28″ or bigger, then 26″ and 22″ and so on. If that was the case, this set would be perfect for 2 people. Overall, very nice, lots of luggage for the price (just under $100), and shipped 2 day prime free. Looking at other luggage on other sites, just 1 piece was $60-70 plus tax and shippingTo sum it up, if you can get this for a good price and can deal with the handle issue, then jump on this set.

ebook always keeps me occupied whenever I need to be. The best thing about reading an ebook is that you get to be immersed in a different imaginary world, temporarily forgetting your own reality. Reading ebook and engaging in its story is like going to a whole new dimension that no others have been in yet. I like this feeling. It does not mean that my own reality or world is unsatisfactory, but it simply is enlightening and riveting to be able to shift your mind away from where you are physically and transfer to someplace else. The power of ebook in the mind and imagination cannot be stressed out enough and it just keeps me occupied.

downloadable books are going to be one of my favorite past time as soon as I move out to another house in the suburbs. Since I would be moving to a less crowded place, and more relaxing town, I could already imagine that I would have more time to spend on downloadable books. I will soon be free from the hectic and busy schedules of the city life and find more quiet time and peace in my new home in the suburbs. I can finally sit on my porch or lay a blanket on the grass in my backyard and just chill there with my downloadable books. I can finally find my happiness and contentment with books in a new home.

I saw a review of this smelling like Mildew, so was hesitant to buy it.SOOOOO Glad I bought this bag – It’s AWESOME!!So it smells like leather..if it didn’t have the leather scent I would not have believed it to be real leather.That being said, the smell of new leather is strong. IT GOES AWAY. ALL REAL LEATHER HAS A STRONG SMELL WHEN YOU FIRST GET IT.I got my bag 3 days ago and once I put everything in it that I wanted, I put it on the table next to my couch. By the next day, the strong leather scent was gone.I would never, ever put leather in a washing machine..the leather would be ruined. Any Leather I have ever owned, <and I have a lot>, I’ve ALWAYS taken to be Dry Cleaned. Leather gets destroyed with regular water and soap.I LOVE this bag. It has 6 – YES – SIX compartments for you to put your things in.1. In the front of the bag there is a small zipper compartment that opens up to reveal a window pocket for ID’s and 3 pockets for Credit or Business Cards. I put my credit cards in those RFID Sleeves to protect them, and all my cards are in 3, and they fit perfectly! My Driver’s License, Military ID and a Medical Card fit perfectly in the ID Window.2. On top of that compartment is another zipper that opens up to a full open compartment. I put a metal tin of Mentos Candies and a small LED flashlight, with plenty of room for more!3. Above that is yet another zipper compartment with more room then I know what to do with!! I put a pen, my inhaler and a few small items in this one. <My hand all the way to my wrist, fits inside this one!>4. On the back of the bag, there is an opening that my IPhone 4s fits into perfectly, or you could put cigarettes if you smoke.5. Above that opening <no zipper> is a zipper compartment that fits my cell phone as well <I use this one for my cell so when I’m on the Harley I won’t worry about it falling out>, but you could put anything in it really..6. On the top of the bag is yet another zipper compartment, the main one. It’s the entire length and width of the bag. I have a small cosmetic bag and a small coin purse that holds everything I need it to hold.I like using cosmetic bags / coin purses or similar items in bags like this so nothing will stain / rip / ruin the interior. If I were to put everything in the main pocket, it would be hard to find what I’m looking for, so I just use little bags, and I know exactly where everything is! Simple really.This “Small” Cross body bag is holding a TON of my things and you would NEVER know it has so much in it by looking at it. It’s not bulged out and none of the seams are stretched. This is a VERY WELL MADE bag with TONS of organization opportunities!Don’t like the smell of leather and can’t be patient enough to give it time to breathe, well that’s a shame because this really is a great bag at a great price!Priced well for being a genuine leather hand bag that you can wear across your body, or put on your shoulder as the shoulder strap is very adjustable!I recommend it and if I ever want or need anther – I’d come right back here to get one! VERY happy with my purchase!

I have many pairs of sunglasses. They are in many colors and shapes, since sunglasses are my passion. I told my friends that I was looking for a new pair of sunglasses, and a friend of mine told me about this new company he had heard of. He told me about Proof Eyewear, a company that has products of exceptionally high quality. He also told me that they had many different types of wooden and eco sunglasses, with one of a kind handcrafted frames. The next day, this friend that told me about Proof Eyewear sent me a link from their website and I was truly amazed.

I’ve been wanting a pair of Docs for years and never bought them because they’re just too expensive, but I decided to finally reward myself for my birthday this year and I’m already glad I did! I found these for just over $85 for the boots and the wonder balm, so I didn’t even have to spend much more than I did the last time I bought new shoes for my birthday ($60 3 years ago. What can I say? I’m allowed to be cheap while I’m in school!) and I still have some money left over.I’m not really sure why so many people say they’re so horribly uncomfortable for so long while breaking in. I wore mine around the house with regular socks for a couple days and that was all it took to get rid of any discomfort. They’re still a bit stiff, but they’re not any worse than I would expect leather boots to be and definitely not bad enough to call them horribly uncomfortable. They just feel like shoes that need to be broken in. I think maybe people are just buying the wrong size. I usually wear a US 8.5-9, leaning more towards a 9 in most brands. I have almost no arches, with my feet being skinny at the ankles and wider at the toes. I bought these in a UK 7/US 9 and they’re the perfect size. I agree with the reviewers that if you’re in a half-size you should probably go up to the next full size for the best fit, and if you’re having trouble breaking them in maybe try freezing a bag of water in the toes to loosen them up a bit first. I bought them in the smooth black since it seemed the most practical (black matches everything in my wardrobe, and can be dressed up or down). The leather is very thick and strong, so I have a feeling these will last quite a while as long as I take care of them. They’re very practical if you live somewhere where it’s either cold or wet (or both) for most of the year. Where I live it snows from about October until early May, and the rest of the year is pretty rainy, so these should really come in handy when I want to keep my feet warm and dry but still look good.

The basic difference between a virus contact lenses and a color lens lies in their function. While color contact lenses are aimed at giving a different hue to the eyes, the primary function of circle lenses is to make the eyes look larger and clearer. Many of these also have a prominent black ring in the middle thus enhancing the appeal of the eyes. Moreover, these lenses are also available in various colors. But before you start using them, go for a thorough eye check up to ensure that you are not exposing your eyes to any potential danger. Your eyes can do a lot towards your overall appearance, so a judicious use of circle lens can make you look more graceful! 

It is very likely that you have heard people say that you should dress for the career you would like to have instead of the career you have. Basically, the idea that a person is trying to get across by saying this is that an individual needs to dress better if they are going to have success in their career. And for the most part, this is something that is true. When you think of an individual who has been successful, is very likely that you think of an individual who is well-dressed. For this reason, it would be a good idea for a person who is looking to advance their career to visit a custom tailor near Washington DC.

Many a times people search for products online instead of going the usual door-to-door shopping way. This may be because online shopping saves time and even offers a greater variety of goods in some cases. The same is the case with blackout full eye contacts. You may buy a pair of them from your online provider. Although this may be possible even without a prescription from your eye doctor, it is advisable to get your eyes checked to find out the state of your vision and the size and style of lenses you will prefer. Present your online provider with this prescription and sit for trial sessions for the most comfortable experience with colored contact lenses. 

At the beach, you observe the sunglasses that others are wearing. You are wearing a cheap pair of sunglasses that you purchase at the store, and they do not fit very well. In the past, you have never thought about buying a quality designed pair of sunglasses. You would purchase a cheap pair, and then you would buy another pair to replace them. You see the impact stylish sunglasses has on how a person looks, so you decide to purchase stylish wooden sunglasses.