This really is the best Assassin’s Creed action figure to date. Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed III may not be everyone’s favorite assassin, or even everyone’s favorite Assassin’s Creed game, but no matter which way you slice it, this is the best figure in this series you can get.Connor comes decked out with a good amount of accessories. First off, Connor comes with his signature Assassin Tomahawk, this thing looks accurate to the source and this figure really wouldn’t be complete without it. Next we have two pistols which can be holstered to Connor, awesome. Next we have Connor’s bow, with an actual string which is a nice touch. It looks like the arrows won’t actually shoot from the bow, my figure is still blistered to the card so I can’t say for sure but it looks like 3 arrows sculpted together in Connor’s quiver. Lastly we have Connor’s hidden Assassin blade, something that a few of NECA’s Assassin’s Creed line was lacking. Articulation for Connor seems to be on par with series 3 of The Walking Dead TV Series figures McFarlane released in March.If you were a fan of ACIII, and really want a cool looking and affordable piece of merchandise, this is tops. The card that the figure is blistered to looks clean and in line with previously released Assassin’s Creed action figures. On the bottom inside of the blister you’ll find a DLC code for Connor’s Sails in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, that streets October 29th. For $14.99 you can’t do better than this very solid figure. The paint apps are great with little to no bleeding and some good dry brush work, this figure comes loaded with accessories and matches the source material to a tee. If you’re only going to get one Assassin’s Creed figure from this first series by McFarlane Toys, Connor Kenway is the best figure of the series to spend 15 bucks on. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Great store where i found this incredible sweater. I am so in love with all the tops I have purchased from this seller. I have 5 of them and they are pretty much the only things I wear.I was reluctant to purchase this sweater with the mixed reviews but I am glad I did.I am 5’7″ and around 160lbs. I bought the large (10/12) and was expecting it to actually be more on the smaller side (hoping it wasn’t). When it arrived I couldn’t believe how huge it actually was. I am currently wearing it as a sweater dress with leggings, boots and a scarf and I couldn’t be happier. It for sure comes down to my mid thigh, which I was not expecting at all. The material is unbelievable soft too. I feels like a brand new sweatshirt (has that crazy soft inside). I feel like I’m at work in PJs because it is so comfortable. The Weave is relatively open, so laying is for sure required. But I don’t know anyone who doesn’t layer with at least a tank top these days anyway. There was a bit of a smell when it came but anything that is stuck in plastic for who knows how long is going to have that. I threw it in the drying on the steam function with a dryer sheet and the smell was gone in 15min :) Would for sure recommend if you are looking for that LARGE batwing/dolman type sweater/minidress. More info here if you want to read it!

I like to look good. Everyone always compliments me on my style, and they should. I only wear the best clothes and accessories. I have an image that I have to keep up. I do not want my clients to think I am a slacker. That is why I always dress for success. I wear the best wood sunglasses, and it also keeps the sun out of my eyes. I am thrilled with the high quality. In fact, I own five pairs.

125L Handyman Flex Glove Size Large external dimensions:*end of wrist to tip of middle finger: 7.75″ (This dimension does NOT include theelastic wrist band. The entire glove length including wrist band is 9.5″)*across the knuckles: 4.25″ (padding on top of knuckles)*girth around the knuckles: 9.8″My hand dimensions:*wrist to end of middle finger: 7.5*across the knuckles: 3.8″*girth around the knuckles: 9.3″I was surpised that these gloves actually fit me since most stuff made in Pacific Rim countries seems to run a lot smaller than advertised. But not these gloves. They do ‘feel’ tight when you first put them on and it does make you think you’ve ordered the wrong size. Not so. They stretch just enough after a few minutes to fit like skin. They’re comfortable and I eventually found myself not even aware I was wearing gloves. The padding is in all the right places and these are, by far, the most comfortable and articulate work gloves I’ve ever owned – even moreso than deer skin. I’ll trty typing eith them for a bit: retrieving a Leatherman from mu beolt ois nopt a big deal, typing is a little awkeward but I don’;t intend to tyup in the woods with my chainmsaws.,These gloves are not advertised as waterproof or insulated. They are completely synthetic: 50% ‘synthetic’ leather, 30% polyester, 10% elastic, 5% foam padding, 3% PU, 1% PVC, 1% rubber. So, I can pass along two things in my experience: 1) these gloves WILL immediately wick moisture away from wet surfaces (they’ll take a while to dry out too), and 2) the ambient temperature needs to be north of 45 degrees for them to be comfortable while working, (wet at 50 degrees is not good).Some folks might find the Velcro wrist straps annoying – I don’t much care for velcro on gloves (wrist watch).I found these gloves to be excellent work gloves in dry, warmer weather.

Call me old-fashioned: I like boots that look like boots, rather than Transformer toys. These are simple, clean, and attractive. Some might not like the fact that they do not have a pull-up tab at the back of the boot, to help pull them on; for me, it’s a plus, because that tab just tends to get in the way of my jeans.About sizing: In an expensive dress shoe (e.g., Allen Edmonds), I wear a 9 B, so I consider that my true shoe size. But Columbia boots generally run small; I’ve owned at least 15 pairs of Columbia boots over the past 20 years, and for me the best fit was always a 9.5 M.HOWEVER, in this particular boot, the 9 M fits me better than the 9.5 M. (I tried both, and returned the latter.)At the same time, the width of the Columbia does follow their usual pattern of being narrow: What Columbia calls a “D” or “M” width is actually closer to a “C.”So for those of you with an average width foot — i.e., a C – I think you’ll be fine if you get Columbia’s standard “D (M)” width. But if your foot is a D, you might be better off with Columbia’s “E” (wide) version.(I know, this is difficult and confusing, because some reviewers say the size is just right, some say you should buy a half-size bigger than your usual, and some say you should buy a full size bigger. All I can tell you is that I’ve followed the “add a half” rule for Columbia boots for 20 years, and while it always worked in the past, it did not work for the Columbia Newton Ridge.)One other note about Columbias: The main reason I go through almost a pair every year is that I live at the coast where it’s often wet, and waterproof-ness is important to me. I’ve found that Columbia’s “OmniTech” waterproof technology works great for about a year, then wears out — don’t ask me why. The boots still look fine, but the impermeability just quits.Now, if you buy the boots from a Columbia-approved retail outlet, and return them to Columbia within a year — with a copy of your receipt — they’re pretty good about replacing them. But if you buy elsewhere, or wait too long, forget it. (E.g., they refused to replace some I’d owned for 14 months, and they refused to replace some others I bought on eBay.)UPDATE after one month: Love these boots. Ordered a second pair today, just in case Columbia decides to stop making them.

They weren’t kidding when they said it is almost like golfing barefoot. These are extremely thin and lightweight, to the point they looked and felt like racing sneakers that we used for track and cross country (remember Nike Zoom Waffles?). They are also extremely flexible and breathe like they weren’t even there. My biggest problem with normal golf shoes is the lack of ventilation. After walking 18 holes, my feet feel like a pair of saunas with my Adidas shoes (non-vented design). With these, I could feel the breeze waft straight through the mesh. The only downside is that they will get wet with morning dew or in the rain. The positive aspect is that they won’t really stay wet too long if the weather conditions are right, as they breathe very well.The tread pattern doesn’t clog up with grass, but I felt that it could have offered a bit more traction on grass although it isn’t bad at all. Spikes obviously provide you with the most traction, but I grew tired of trying to unclog them and the spikes always felt weird when walking on cart paths.Sizing: I normally wear size US 12, and these fit perfectly in Size US 12. The only complaints I have are that there’s more room at the heel and sides of the shoe. However, most of the pressure during swinging should be on the balls of your feet anyhow (check out some of the studies they have conducted on PGA/LPGA pro players where their feet were placed on pressure sensors). This is probably why other reviewers felt they were 1/2 size bigger. I’m pretty sure if I bought these in size US 11.5, that it would be too tight at the tip of my feet.Overall: 5/5 stars, I really like these golf shoes! They are part of a newer generation of running sneakers converted into spike-less golf shoes, which makes total sense. I really dig the color choices, but they won’t be attracting the traditionalist.

This is the awesome online store where i found and eventually bought this shot glass! This shotglass is very cool! I bought this shot glass from another vendor for slightly more than the price listed here on Amazon. It is a very cool shot glass and when filled the liquid inside the skulls seems to “float” inside of the rim of the glass, it is hard to describe but it looks incredibly cool.Having said that, this shot glass is definitely a novelty item and not something you would want to use while slamming back large amounts of alcohol.The shot glass is made out of blown glass and is hollow on the bottom (which may be hard to see in the product shots). The skull kind of hang down inside and doesn’t contact the sides of the glass except on the top. The glass itself is about half as thick as the walls of a standard shot glass, which means it won’t survive much rough handling or any sort of drop (into a sink, onto the floor, etc.). More great halloween decorations.I knew what I was getting when I bought it, so I am not disappointed at all. If you are only going ot be doing one or two shots, or you just want a really awesome looking shot glass this could be for you. If you just wanna get drunk and party with your friends you will probably be better served by a sturdier and cheaper shot glass. More info on these shot glasses!

Awesome Halloween web store where i bought this candles! Flameless rules for us moms! I bought this set going on over 4 years ago now. I use them over and over again. I love them because I can have the look of the candles without worrying about my little daughter or the cat knocking them over or burning themselves. The batteries are easy enough to replace. Mine are still in working order and I am going to add another set of 12 to my existing set. I have acquired a few different kinds here and there at a cheaper price but the flicker isn’t quite the same. These have a pretty good imitation of a real candle. You can’t use them in clear containers but they work with everything else. More great candles and Halloween items! I particularly like them in those holiday red and green or whatever etched votive holders. And the best part is when the holidays are over….no wax clean up. Just pop ‘em out and put them away. There’s also no scent. Some scents can trigger raging headaches and spoil a great evening for you or your guest so I think that’s great. You can always find a way to add a mild scent to something but when you have half a dozen burning candles it’s hard to find a balance. I give 4 out of 5. It’s a great product and is the next best thing to real. If you want more info on these, just click here!

So, we just got this in preparation for Halloween 2012 and it is pretty cool! Our 5yr old wanted to be a ninja and this one was pretty good looking for the price. With that being said, it obviously isn’t made for lots of typical little boy play. It is a fairly thin (but typical) costume fabric. I wrapped and tied the red leg straps and after he took one lap around the house in it, they had fallen down…I will most likely safety pin them here and there so that we aren’t having to stop every other house and re-tie them. My one problem I had with ordering this was finding enough about the size. Yes, the size chart is there, but I was hoping to find reviewers that had commented on the fit. I took a stab and ordered the Small…lets just say, that if it is cold for Halloween, I will need to put something very slim under it…perhaps long underwear or leggings…as there isn’t much room left. My son is slightly larger than his average 5yr classmate…however, he isn’t that big. He wears a size 6 and is 55lbs & 46″, and the Small will only survive us this Halloween. So if you want more room (to grow into/use longer/or put warmer clothing underneath) you may want to consider choosing the next size up. Overall, he was very pleased with it, and I found a sword at the dollar store to go with it…not too expensive for Halloween and will get extra play out of it I am sure!

This little candle lantern has a lot of good, and some bad going for it. I think the good outweighs the bad by a considerable margin, so I gave it four stars. I’m not sure why there is such a price difference between the different colors, but I bought the silver aluminum one because it was the cheapest.The good:* Compact, and collapsible. This is a light source that will give you long lasting light in a tiny package (when collapsed) that is about 3/4 the size of a normal can of pop.* As the candle burns, an internal spring automatically pushes the candle up. This is nice since it means that you won’t have to twiddle with the candle as it burns.* The glass shield is nice, and I have no worries about it protecting the flame from wind. If dropped, there is almost no risk that the candle will light anything in the house on fire.The bad:* Cheap metal. I mean super cheap metal. I’m no Hercules, but I think I could probably mash in the base with my bare hands. Since I pretty much only plan to use it in the event of an extended power outage, I can overlook this bad point.* It only works on UCO candles. UCO candles are kinda short and squat, and I’ve never seen any candles in any store shaped like them. So, if you’re going to use these candle lanterns for your “Go Dark Bag,” then I suggest that you stock up on UCO candles. This is not a big deal for me as the UCO candles are made to burn longer and I’d buy them anyway.I bought one UCO Candle Lantern for the “Go Dark Bag.” I’m kinda-sorta up in the air as to whether or not I’ll buy another one. I probably will since it would be nice to have two candle light sources in the event of an extended power outage.EDIT – I just noticed that this little bad boy is MADE IN THE USA. What’s funny is that I’ve stopped even looking for the MADE IN THE USA label, and as I was unscrewing the candle mount there it was — MADE IN THE USA. Anything MADE IN THE USA automatically scores at least one kudos point. So, that makes this a FIVE STAR product.