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“Kids these days spend all day glued to the screen! they should spend more time playing outside” I think we have all heard that at one point of our lives. If you are young, your parents probably said that about you; if you are old, you’ve probably said it yourself. We forget sometimes that spending a lot of money on modern, high technology stuff is not necessary at all. While there’s nothing wrong with smartphones, computers and videogames, giving them a break is probably not a bad idea. Because some of the simplest toys are the most fun ones to play with. And wooden toys like here may be the simplest kind of toy. Playful activities are present in every single culture, and wooden toys have been around for ages. They were used in Egypt some 5000 years years ago. We also know that in the old Roman Empire children also had wooden toys. The production of wooden toys didn’t become widespread until the nineteenth century though.

But time is treating them well, for they are still some of the most loved ones. They have a special kind of charm.

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