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We purchased the LG 32LN5300 32″ television for our toddler’s playroom, so we didn’t want anything too big or too expensive. I looked at all our options and narrowed down my search to the LG 32LN5300 based on image quality, features, and price. My basic requirements were that it had to be 1080P and offer at least two HDMI inputs. There was one other television that was $50 less than the LG, but I opted for the LG because the image quality was noticeably better and off-axis viewing was far superior. The other television was an Insignia.The first thing I’ll say about the LG 32LN5300 is this television is mostly about image quality; the image quality is its most outstanding feature. Like most flat-screen televisions, especially on the budget market, audio quality is not its strongest asset.It offers two 10W speakers (20W total) that produce a very nice volume that will easily fill a moderately sized room enough that you can probably hear it well in an adjacent room. Don’t expect to get a nice full-bodied sound with rich low end. Its sonic body is thin. With that said, the settings do offer the ability to tweak the audio and you can set the treble and bass. This helps somewhat and lessons the boxy sound a bit. Virtual surround settings also enhance the audio effect. Just be aware that the audio quality is enough to get by, which makes it fine for a bedroom, den, or play room. If you want added audio quality, consider purchasing a separate speaker system.Where this television excels in its price range is in image quality. The monitor does an excellent job at projecting a clean image with crisp detail and very nice image contrast and color tone. There is an abundance of expert settings that allow you to configure gamma levels and many other complex settings that most users will never know how to set. Some of these settings can get you into trouble, so if you play with them, expect to possibly reset everything back to the factory default if you screw things up. But don’t be intimidated. The settings are easy to access using the remote and all the basics are there: brightness, contrast, color, tint, backlighting, etc.After initially setting up the television, I wasn’t overly pleased with the image quality. After maybe twenty minutes of customization, I now have things configured and am very pleased with the image quality. If image quality is important to you, expect to spend a little time configuring the settings to your liking and don’t get upset if the first image you see isn’t what you expected. It’s designed to allow for user configuration.This television is ideal for applications that don’t require extra features or an abundant quantity of inputs and outputs. The 32LN5300 comes with only two HDMI inputs, one on the back and one on the side. If you’re wall mounting the television, keep in mind that the back HDMI connector requires you to use an HDMI cable with a 90-degree connector or adapter. If you don’t, the television won’t lay flush against the wall because the cable will get in the way.Along with two HDMI connectors, the television comes with one composite and one USB input.The 32LN5300 is Energy Star compliant and sips power at a rate of approximately $6 a year when the Eco setting is configured (default).There are a number of reviews that complain about faulty power issues. Some of these reviews are related to purchasing used equipment. I’m very concerned about this, but so far, we haven’t experienced this problem, perhaps because we purchased it new. If we do, I’ll immediately update this review and report it here. If you don’t see any added update regarding this, our television is working fine.Overall, the LG 32LN5300 is a very nice basic television that produces a beautiful image. The sound is a bit thin, but the audio can be configured to make the out-of-the-box settings a bit bolder. It’s not built for sound; it’s build for economy of purchase and image quality. We’re very happy with the screen quality. Based on our experience, we would recommend this television for those who need a basic set without an abundance of features or connections.

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There were always things of interest to be seen living in New York City. One day, a friend of mine I decided we were going to take the walk from Brooklyn Bridge all the little over to Times Square. The walk itself took us about two hours. As were walking, we literally saw so many amazing things. It just feels cool walk into the city of New York, wearing skateboard sunglasses, watching as the most amazing city in the world just pass you by. It's so neat thinking about all of the other interesting and exciting people that have made their entire name and fortune here in the city.

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There is something that is exhilarating about waking up early in the morning and going for a brisk jog. I really like starting my run out when it is dark outside. Then, that moment when the sun first breaks over the horizon has to be one of the coldest parts of the day. When I am jogging back towards the house the sun is shining directly in my face. It wakes me up. However, if it does get a little bit too bright I just put on my skateboard sunglasses and continue on with my jog. Usually I tried to stay out for about 45 minutes to an hour.

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