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I got this in a brick and mortar on a whim. I was tired of the stainless steel sink in my most recent house, and never cared for a white sink, so this seemed like a good idea. I found it on this site oddly enough paulineart.com.I had a faucet I had also purchased about four months prior, big tall one that I loved. It required three holes, though, so I had to drill this myself for the other two holes.I picked up the best drill bit I could find at the local store, hardest and designed to cut anything it claimed. and I got less than half way through the cut before the teeth were nothing but smooth bumps, like a very shallow lower case m…. To drill the other two holes I had to purchase three more drill bits, for a total of four to cut two holes. I’m sure if I had something designed specifically for this granite material, it would’ve worked better, but these were the best I could find at any of the hardware and home building stores in the area.That alone told me how tough this sink was going to be.The finish is beautiful, the feel is surprisingly smooth. I’ve had no damage to my corelle plates and bowls, and my stainless steel knife set also hasn’t received any marks from this.The oversized bowl on the left is great to fit pans in nicely, and what you can’t see from the picture is the right, smaller bowl is only about half as deep as the left. I like it for rinsing when I do dishes by hand, or as a great place to put veggies as I’m cutting them and throwing parts down the garbage disposal I’ve got on the left side. Also, the dividing wall between them does NOT come up all the way, it’s a shorter wall, which means pans and such in the left side, if the handle is coming over that divider, it’s not stuck up at such an angle up in the air.It’s deep enough that my back gets sore bending over to get things out of it while washing dishes, so there’s a lot of room in there for deep pans and such.The only downside is, much like a black car, it shows some dirt easier than others. Since I have some hard water here, I can end up with some marks if I don’t bother to clean well after doing things like dishes or cooking. Nothing that can’t come out quick and easy, but it shows faster here than on other sinks I’ve had.But the best thing is just how nice it looks there. It was one of the final touches on my kitchen work. It makes more of an impact than the painting I did in there. Learn more on this sink by clicking right here.It has worked out so well that I’m looking at picking one up for my mother’s new condo she just purchased, since she raved about mine after it was installed.Best kitchen purchase I’ve made so far I think. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything else I’ve seen.

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